Prophet Freddy Allows His Former Side ChickProphet Freddy and His Former Side Chick Rutendo [image: zimeye]

Forgive Those Who Trespass Against You: Prophet Freddy Allows His Former Side Chick To Keep A Mercedes Benz He Gifted Her

A Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) presenter, Rutendo Makuti has been acquitted of the extortion charges brought against her.

The case involved accusations of extortion of Goodness and Mercy Ministries’ leader Tapiwa Freddy, and also implicated Chief Chikwaka and police officers Mutetepi Maushe, and Gibson Jaji.

Prophet Freddy Allows His Former Side Chick
Prophet Freddy and His Former Side Chick Rutendo [image: zimeye]
The charges against Makuti were withdrawn by Freddy himself, who tendered a withdrawal affidavit to a Harare magistrate, Yeukai Dzuda. This decision came after an amicable settlement was reached between the parties involved.

According to the affidavit, Freddy withdrew the charges “freely, voluntarily, without any undue influence or duress having been exerted on me, without admission of any wrongdoing on my part and without prejudice to any defense the accused persons may have had on the merits.”

Freddy further stated that he had agreed to allow Makuti to keep the Mercedes Benz vehicle that had been at the center of the extortion allegations. In the affidavit, Freddy agreed to release the car to Makuti’s custody and allow her to “deal with the same as she pleases.” He also agreed not to speak negatively or prejudicially about any of the accused parties regarding this matter on social media, mainstream print media, or any other relevant platform.

Allegations were that Makuti, Bungu, Maushe, and Jaji had conspired to extort Freddy of his Mercedes Benz in order to conceal rape allegations against him. However, Freddy himself was tried and acquitted in February 2022 of those rape allegations raised by Makuti.


By Mandisa