Shadaya Wins Hearts: Fans Go Wild as He Rejects Wicknell Chivayo's Lavish Toyota Aqua Offer[Image Credit: Facebook]

Shadaya Wins Hearts: Fans Go Wild as He Rejects Wicknell Chivayo’s Lavish Toyota Aqua Offer

Shadaya, a self-proclaimed alpha male, has garnered admiration from his fans for declining a Toyota Aqua offer from Sir Wicknell Chivayo.

Chivayo’s Praise and Potential Vehicle Gift for Shadaya

Chivayo, taking to his Instagram account, expressed his admiration for Shadaya’s perspective on global issues and contemplated gifting him the vehicle. He even went as far as calling Shadaya “a LEGEND.”

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Chivayo’s Lavish Car Gifts Reward Musicians

Recently, Chivayo has been bestowing extravagant cars as generous gifts upon musicians who openly showed their support for Zanu PF during the election period. Just two days ago, he presented self-proclaimed prophet Talent Madungwe and Robert Mugabe impersonator Jah Bobo with individual Aqua vehicles.

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Bloggers Join the Ranks of Chivayo’s Car Recipients

Moreover, a group of Instagram bloggers consisting of Carlton Mazinyane (Zimcelebz & Zanu PF 1), Thomson Thomson (Zimcelebrities), Tafadzwa Muteweri (zimcelebs_ & chopisa tv), Simbarashe Marasha (Zimcelex), Enerst Mukumba (Celebrity New), and Ronald Ncube (Pachopisa) have also been recipients of Chivayo’s car gifts.

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Requirements Not Met

However, Shadaya fell short of meeting the criteria set by Chivayo due to his views on women. In one of his Instagram stories, Chivayo wrote, “Hanzi na Shadaya LEARN OR PERISH 🤣🤣🤣…Chiya chinonzi Shadaya chibaba. Dai asingazo nyanya kuzotuka MADZIMAI kana AQUA anga aine kodzero yekupihwa…He’s a LEGEND in his own right 🙌🙌🙌.”

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Netizens Reactions

The majority of Shadaya’s followers have praised and applauded his independence and his refusal to accept the car.


he deserves every good thing coming his way


Man of principles👏


You have earned my respect mdara it was not an easy Decision ku ghetto yut!!!!!


Now we have 3 men in Zim, Chamisa, Winky naShadaya. Ava 3 no lipstick, vamwe vese so far vapei henyu mapitikoti


My King 👑


Thats the way bro, zvinhu zvinouya nyore zvinodhura pamberi apo.
I am proud of you bro.