Alpha Guru Andrew Tate Endorses Shadaya on How Virgins See Weddings[Image Facebook]

Alpha Guru Andrew Tate Endorses Shadaya on How Virgins See Weddings

Self-proclaimed alpha male Shadaya has received an endorsement from alpha guru Andrew Tate on his recent post discussing how virgins perceive weddings.

Shadaya’s Perspective on Virginity and Wedding Expenditure

In his post, Shadaya stated that most virgin girls are content with low-budget wedding ceremonies compared to those with higher ‘body counts’.

“If you observe, virgin girls usually want and have no problem with a low-key wedding ceremony. But those with multiple body counts want a grand wedding ceremony,” posted Shadaya.

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Reasons Behind Expensive Weddings, According to Shadaya

Shadaya on Virgins

Delving further into his argument, Shadaya suggested that girls with a higher body count desire extravagant and stylish weddings to showcase their desirability despite their unholy past.

“Usually to show off to her multiple exes that even though they piped and swiped her, your fellow man is taking me with a grand wedding,” he stated.

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Controversial Advice on Measuring Body Count

Shadaya on Virgins weddings

Shadaya then went further to advise his followers on how to measure a girl’s body count using the wedding ceremony as a measuring tool. According to him, if a woman expresses a desire for a grand wedding, it is a telltale sign of a higher body count.

“Always a tell-tell sign if your woman wants a grand wedding. The more the damage, the more the expenditure to mask the damage,” stated Shadaya. 

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Netizens Reactions

Andrew Responds to Shadaya

Though Shadaya received praise from Andrew Tate, some have criticized him, citing that the level of money one has determines the type of wedding one can afford to have.


Virgin or Non virgin. A grand or intimate wedding is a personal decision. While a grand weddin,require a significant amount of money to finance it.Borrowing money 4 ur wedding is not advisable. It’s always better to ve a wedding dat u can afford witout goin into debt.


Virgins or not. Grand wedding are completely unnecessary and usually put pressure on the couple. Plus it’s complete of waste of money and resources. Focus on having a small wedding in the presence of your loved ones.


The key to a happy marriage is marrying a woman who is more excited to become a wife & not a bride.


The more you spend on an engagement ring, the more likely you are to get divorced.


Women want a wedding, not a marriage