Emojis Speak Louder Than Words: Shadaya Dismisses Wicknell Chivayo's Toyota Aqua Offer[Image Credit: Facebook]

Emojis Speak Louder Than Words: Shadaya Dismisses Sir Wicknell Chivayo’s Toyota Aqua Offer

Shadaya, a self-proclaimed alpha male, has responded to Sir Wicknell Chivayo’s offer of a Toyota Aqua by rubbishing it with just two emojis.

Chivayo’s Car Gifting Extravaganza

Recently, Chivayo has been generously gifting lavish cars to musicians who publicly supported Zanu PF during the election period. Two days ago, he gifted self-proclaimed prophet Talent Madungwe and Robert Mugabe impersonator Jah Bobo each with an Aqua.

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Furthermore, Instagram bloggers such as Carlton Mazinyane (Zimcelebz & Zanu PF 1), Thomson Thomson (Zimcelebrities), Tafadzwa Muteweri (zimcelebs_ & chopisa tv), Simbarashe Marasha (Zimcelex), Enerst Mukumba (Celebrity New), and Ronald Ncube (Pachopisa) have also received cars from Chivayo.

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Shadaya’s Missed Opportunity

Although Chivayo considered gifting a Toyota Aqua to Shadaya and even praised him as “a LEGEND,” the offer fell through due to Shadaya’s views on women. Chivayo took to his Instagram stories to express his thoughts on the matter.

“Hanzi na Shadaya LEARN OR PERISH…Chiya chinonzi Shadaya chibaba. Dai asingazo nyanya kuzotuka MADZIMAI kana AQUA anga aine kodzero yekupihwa…He’s a LEGEND in his own right,” posted Chivayo.

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Controversy Erupts

Shadaya’s nonchalant response to Chivayo’s gift has ignited a wave of controversy among Netizens. Many have voiced contrasting opinions, with some applauding Shadaya’s independence and refusal to conform to societal expectations.

Netizens Reactions


Muku kuzana zvisina Basa imi


Shadaya is pretending like he doesn’t need it but deep inside he’s thinking of writing an apology


he deserves every good thing coming his way


Enemy ye progress…Pride is often driven by poor self-worth and shame.


Our brother here was offered a car by a tyranical regime apologist so that he stops teaching about masculinity. He has refused. I am sure you can do something for this brother. Check his TL. Standing up against the matrix in all its forms.


Now we have 3 men in Zim, Chamisa, Winky naShadaya.
Ava 3 no lipstick, vamwe vese so far vapei henyu mapitikoti