[Image: Facebook/Cornelius Rudziva]

Serial Gold Digger Exposed: Meet the Harare Man Who Paid Lobola For Four Older “Rich” Women In Three Years

Harare Man Accused of Marrying for Money!

Serial Gold Digger Cornelius Rudziva(39), a Harare man from Stoneridge , has been accused of paying lobola for four “rich” women within a three-year period. He reportedly targets women with money.

Warning to Other Women

Varaidzo Fundira, one of Cornelius’ wives, has warned other women about him. She alleges that Cornelius marries different women before disappearing and then claiming that his family has challenges in receiving money from his “business partners.”


[Image: Facebook/Cornelius Rudziva]

Shenanigans Exposed

Some of Cornelius’ shenanigans were exposed when Varaidzo posted a picture with him on social media. She alleged that after dating Cornelius for a short period, he claimed that his business was not doing well and he needed a place to stay for a short time.

According to H-Metro, Varaidzo said, “After I had agreed to stay with him, he refused to move in, saying it is taboo, according to his beliefs, to move into a woman’s house before getting legally married.”

Cornelius then asked for permission to see Varaidzo’s relatives and started to ask for dates to pay lobola. “I was surprised with the move since he demanded an early date, and we got married, and all was fineat first,” she said.

Soon after their marriage, Cornelius claimed that his mother was ill and Varaidzo gave him money for medication. “I later discovered that it was a lie, and I confronted him, but he gave me some excuses. After that incident, he started to ask for more money each day,” she said.

Varaidzo posted a picture on her Facebook page with Cornelius. Another follower commented and sent her Cornelius’ lobola pictures with another woman. “That’s when I discovered that I was married to a conman.”

Another of Cornelius’ lovers, who preferred not to be named, said she gave him a car, which he sold to sponsor his wedding with another woman. “I got him arrested and recovered my car, which marked the end of our relationship,” she said.

Denial of Allegations

Cornelius denied the allegations, saying he is only legally married to one wife, Rumbidzai Masamba, who is currently in the United Kingdom. He said, “Stealing is a crime, and they should have reported this to the police.”

Rumbidzai’s father said, “We don’t even know about those pictures. We are happy with him.”

In conclusion, Cornelius Rudziva has been accused of paying lobola for four “rich” women within a three-year period. Varaidzo Fundira, one of his wives, has warned other women about him. While Cornelius denies theallegations, Varaidzo’s story exposes his shenanigans, and another woman’s testimony supports the claims. This serves as a warning to other women who may be targeted by men like Cornelius.