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Sangoma Behind Mufakose “Witchcraft” Scandal Arrested As Full Details Emerge

In a surprising turn of events, the notorious Mufakose ‘witch’ saga, which caused a stir in the media, has taken an unexpected twist. Unveiling their deceitful ploy, a cunning sangoma and a woman, discovered naked in her own yard, have been apprehended for fabricating supernatural abilities.

New evidence has surfaced, revealing that the alleged sangoma, Kudzai Chifombo, and the woman, Idah Febi Zimbani, staged the entire incident as an elaborate ruse. Their motive? To falsely showcase Chifombo’s spiritual prowess and attract a larger clientele.

According to Idah’s confession to the police, she was enticed by Chifombo’s promises of monetary gain to masquerade as a trapped witch, purportedly under the influence of his mystical powers. However, the undisclosed sum of money Chifombo pledged to her for parading nude in her yard never materialized.

Skeptical residents had long harbored doubts about Chifombo, prompting her desperate decision to orchestrate this shocking “witch trap” to sway their opinions.

Dubbed “the witch” by curious onlookers, Idah, alongside Chifombo, faces charges of public indecency as confirmed by Harare provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Luckmore Chakanza.

According to H-Metro Inspector Chakanza said, “Police arrested a Mufakose woman together with an Epworth woman for public indecency. The Epworth woman claimed she was paid to pretend to be a witch, who had fallen off a winnowing basket while on a mission to eat human flesh, at a funeral in Mt Darwin. The two appeared at the Mbare Magistrates’ Court yesterday charged with public indecency”.


The duo appeared before the Mbare Magistrates’ Court yesterday, where Idah, hailing from Epworth, did not enter a plea. During the court proceedings, it was revealed that Idah had visited Chifombo’s residence in Mufakose. It was there that Kudzai Chifombo, the homeowner, spotted the unclothed Zimbani and promptly alerted the police. The authorities swiftly intervened, dispersing the crowd that had gathered at the scene.

Subsequently, Idah made her way to the police station, divulging the details of what she had experienced at Chifombo’s house. Following an extensive interrogation, she confessed to being part of a syndicate involving Chifombo and another individual, Winnet Chipangaipe, all in an attempt to boost their traditional healing enterprise.

The prosecution was led by Blessing Chibowere.