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Husband KICKS His Wife OUT For Next-Door Lover

In a dramatic courtroom showdown, Pamela Mafuka secured a protection order against her husband, Thomas Mutandakufa, accusing him of subjecting her to relentless physical abuse and forcibly evicting her from their marital home to accommodate his girlfriend, who happens to be their neighbor. Magistrate Tamara Chibindi granted the protection order, shedding light on the tumultuous ordeal.

H-Metro reports that, Pamela courageously recounted the harrowing events, stating, “Thomas has a girlfriend from next door, and he chased me from home so that his girlfriend could be with him”. Shockingly, the girlfriend’s mother even advocated for Pamela to leave her own husband, clearing the path for her daughter to marry him.

Adding to the distressing narrative, Pamela revealed that Thomas recently expelled her from their residence and relocated their children to his sister’s house. Disturbingly, she alleged that the children are not adequately cared for in their aunt’s care.

Thomas vehemently refuted the accusations, vehemently denying any romantic involvement with the neighbor. He countered, “My wife took US$180 meant for the children’s school fees. When I asked her why she took the money, she failed to give me a proper answer.” Thomas claimed that a heated argument ensued, during which he admittedly grabbed Pamela by the collar, leading to her departure from their shared home.

Magistrate Chibindi, deeply concerned about the ongoing domestic strife, issued a stern warning to Thomas, emphasizing the imperative to maintain peace. She cautioned that any further mistreatment or abuse toward his wife would result in his immediate arrest. The court’s intervention aims to provide Pamela with the protection she urgently needs while ensuring that Thomas complies with the order and respects his wife’s rights.