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Uzumba Man Kills Sister’s Admirer For Proposing Love To Her

In a chilling and shocking incident, a man from Uzumba met a tragic fate at the hands of the brother of a woman he was romantically involved with. Ostain Kachuwa’s life was abruptly cut short when he was allegedly pushed into the treacherous Chenjera River following a heated altercation with the woman’s brother and husband.

The accused, Tichaona Nyauyanga, confronted Kachuwa, vehemently accusing him of proposing to his beloved sister. What started as a confrontation quickly escalated into a sinister act of violence.

Reports suggest that later that fateful day, as Kachuwa made his way towards Nyauyanga’s residence, an intense altercation unfolded, ultimately leading to Nyauyanga mercilessly pushing Kachuwa into the unforgiving depths of the river. According to H-Metro, Nyauyanga vanished from the village following the incident and remained at large until his arrest on May 10.

The heart-wrenching discovery of Kachuwa’s lifeless body floating in the very river he met his demise sent shockwaves through the community. The tragic loss of a promising life left friends and family mourning and seeking justice for the heinous crime committed.

Nyauyanga was brought before Harare magistrate Dennis Mangosi, who wasted no time in remanding him in custody. The accused’s family, in an unexpected turn of events, has reportedly relocated to an undisclosed location, leaving many questioning their involvement in this gruesome act.