Robbery Reign Comes to an End: Robbers Behind Mt Darwin Robberies Finally Arrested[Image Credit: Newsday]

Robbery Reign Comes to an End: Robbers Behind Mt Darwin Robberies Finally Arrested

Two notorious robbers, who are believed to be responsible for a series of robberies and break-ins in Mt Darwin, have been arrested.

Stolen Loot Uncovered

Robbery Reign Comes to an End: Mount Darwin Duo Behind Robberies Wave Finally Arrested
[Image Credit: Newsday]
In a recent statement, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi revealed that the duo was apprehended by the public while attempting to sell some of their stolen items in Rushinga. According to the statement, detectives linked the two suspects to a specific case of unlawful entry and theft that occurred in Kandeya township, Mt Darwin.

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The suspects had broken into a shop and stolen various items, including 100 bricks of Pacific Storm and Breeze cigarettes, 45 bricks of Everest cigarettes, one brick of Madison cigarettes, three crates of Carling Black Label Quarts, one 750 ml bottle of Hunters beer, and one 750 ml bottle of Mayfair beer. The total value of the stolen goods was estimated at US$1,286.00.

Extensive Criminal Involvement

Subsequent investigations revealed that the two suspects, Shepherd Kamhandu (19) and Douglas Kaingidza (39) were involved in 24 cases of unlawfully entering premises, seven cases of robbery, and four cases of theft, as explained by the Assistant Commissioner.

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Following the arrests, law enforcement successfully recovered a substantial amount of stolen property, valued at US$1,787.00. The recovered items included 70 bricks of cigarettes, assorted clothing, blankets, a 32-inch television, five gas tanks, jewelry, cellphones, and other accessories.

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Ongoing Search for Third Suspect

Meanwhile, the police have issued an appeal for any information that may lead to the arrest of Nelson Batsirai Makwengura (30). Makwengura is allegedly involved in a separate case, accused of stealing 330 tonnes of Polypropylene HKR102 valued at US$442,000.