Umguza Sugar-Daddy Molests Own Daughter in Matrimonial Bed After Hot Chips Treat[Image Credit: Hot Chips]

Umguza Sugar-Daddy Molests Own Daughter in Matrimonial Bed After Hot Chips Treat

A sugar-daddy from Umguza District, who is also the biological father, molested his daughter in his matrimonial bed after buying her hot chips.

Father’s Shocking Defense

During the trial before Bulawayo regional magistrate Matthew Mutiro, the father pleaded not guilty and shockingly claimed that he was in love with his own daughter. He argued that she had willingly engaged in sexual acts with him in his matrimonial bed.

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Incidents of Abuse

According to the father, on the evening of December 22 last year, he encountered his daughter sleeping on his matrimonial bed in his bedroom. He then woke her up and instructed her to sleep in the kitchen. However, he admitted that he succumbed to wicked thoughts, blocking her path and convincing her to sit on his bed.

Disturbing Encounter

The accused then further stated that they shared chips before his daughter allegedly requested to engage in unprotected sexual intercourse. They proceeded with the act, after which she returned to sleep in the kitchen.

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Repetition of Abuse

He further revealed that on December 25, after returning from a night of heavy drinking, he found his daughter alone in the kitchen and offered her hot chips. Subsequently, they engaged in consensual sex in his bedroom hut before he fell asleep. The daughter then woke up during the night and reported the incidents to a member of the neighborhood watch committee, leading to his arrest.

Background and Arrest

The court was informed that the accused’s wife had left for Masvingo for the Christmas holiday, leaving her daughter under the care of her father. On the same day, after attending a party and returning home intoxicated, the accused allegedly committed the sexual assault.

The victim reported the incidents to the neighborhood watch committee on Christmas day, resulting in the arrest of her father.