Bulawayo Mayor David Coltart Rejects Resignation Demands for Chamisa[Image Credit: Facebook]

Bulawayo Mayor David Coltart Rejects Resignation Demands for Chamisa

Bulawayo Mayor David Coltart has firmly addressed the ongoing debate over his potential resignation in solidarity with former CCC founder Nelson Chamisa.

Advocate left CCC, disappointed with its shift to a political entity, hindering its potential as a citizen movement.

Chamisa Condemns CCC’s Transformation

Nelson Chamisa

Chamisa criticized CCC’s shift towards personal gain, titles, and benefits, asserting that a contaminated and hijacked CCC could not deliver a New Great Zimbabwe. In a statement, he stated that CCC had been “criminally handed over to Zanu PF.”

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Coltart Stands Strong Against Resignation Calls

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[Image Credit: David Coltart
Following Chamisa’s exit, his followers called on Coltart to resign as Bulawayo mayor. However, Coltart firmly responded that he would not be following Chamisa’s decision to leave CCC. He explained that after consulting various stakeholders, he had received overwhelming advice to continue serving in office.

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“The Bulawayo public, in particular, has overwhelmingly urged me to remain in office,” Coltart stated. He also acknowledged receiving letters from individuals deeply involved in Zimbabwe’s struggle for democracy and freedom for over six decades. These respected figures urged him not to succumb to resignation, and Coltart took their views seriously.

Coltart’s Firm Commitment to Progress Despite Recall Risks and Chamisa’s Departure

Reaffirming his commitment to the city, Coltart emphasized his determination to serve his full five-year tenure as the mayor of Bulawayo. Despite the possibility of being recalled at any time, he expressed a strong desire not to betray the trust and goodwill of the hardworking and principled residents by resigning.

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Coltart stressed that stepping down would have disastrous consequences for the city, as he is currently involved in various development initiatives. Additionally, he disclosed that Chamisa had informed him about his intentions to resign but had never explicitly requested Coltart’s resignation.

“I asked him what his expectations were of me. His response was that I should continue the work I have been doing. At no point has he asked me to resign,” Coltart clarified.