Robber Stabs Landlord He Caught Just Before Breaking Into His House[Image Credit: 263Chat]

Robber Stabs Landlord He Caught Just Before Breaking Into His House

A landlord, in a courageous act of self-defense, was stabbed with a screwdriver by a robber he caught just moments before breaking into his house.

Arrest and Charges

Kelvin Nyabocho, the robber, appeared before Harare magistrate Stanford Mambanje, facing charges of attempted murder and robbery. Nyabocho was not required to enter a plea during the hearing.

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Confrontation and Pursuit

On Tuesday, Kenward Kandenga spotted Nyabocho outside his residence and confronted him about his presence. Nyabocho quickly fled the scene, prompting Kandenga to give chase.

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Violent Encounter

During the pursuit, Nyabocho hurled a brick at Kandenga, narrowly missing him. Undeterred, Nyabocho then approached Kandenga and viciously stabbed him in the head with a screwdriver.

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Brave Resistance, Assistance & Arrest

Despite his injury, Kandenga managed to apprehend Nyabocho and called for help. With the aid of a gathering crowd, they were able to subdue the suspect.

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Following the incident, Nyabocho was arrested and found in possession of a screwdriver, kitchen knife, and a hammer, which were believed to be tools used for criminal activities.

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Link to Additional Robbery

Investigations revealed that Nyabocho was also connected to a separate robbery in the area. Tapiwa Chirovapasi, who was robbed on his way home in the Hopley area, positively identified Nyabocho as his assailant. During the incident, Nyabocho threatened Chirovapasi’s life and forcefully took his phone, clothes, and US$100.