Bulawayo Man Arrested for Stabbing Girlfriend and Her Boyfriend[Image Credit: Amazon]

Bulawayo Man Arrested for Stabbing Girlfriend and Her Boyfriend

A Bulawayo man was arrested for stabbing his girlfriend, and her boyfriend, and subsequently assaulting and chasing a police officer who intended to arrest him.

Denis Moyo (26) appeared before the Bulawayo regional magistrate, facing five charges.

The Confrontation and Stabbings

On the 4th of February, an intense altercation unfolded when Moyo confronted Bhekisisa Nkomo, his girlfriend’s boyfriend, accusing him of stealing Sharon Mkandla, his lover, from him. The dispute quickly escalated, leading to a violent confrontation. Allegedly, Moyo drew an Okapi knife from his pocket and indiscriminately stabbed Nkomo multiple times all over his body

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Assault on the Girlfriend and Confrontation with Police

Mkandla fled the scene in a desperate attempt to escape, while her boyfriend, Moyo, pursued her and inflicted a knife wound on her buttocks. At this point, a courageous police officer intervened to apprehend Moyo. However, the accused overpowered the officer, issuing threats and throwing punches in an attempt to avoid arrest.

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Destruction and Butchery Ransacking

Not content with the chaos he had already caused, Moyo proceeded to Nkomo’s shop, vandalizing the establishment by smashing window panes. He then entered a butchery, ransacking the office, although no items were reported stolen. A concerned resident promptly alerted the police, leading to Moyo’s subsequent arrest.

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Legal Proceedings and Remand

During the court appearance, Moyo was remanded in custody until March 18th, as he faces the weight of the law for his alleged crimes. The charges against him include attempted murder, assault, unlawful entry in aggravating circumstances, and malicious damage to property.