Two Mbare Female Police Officers Arrested for Extortion Scheme[Image Credit: Pindula News]

Two Mbare Female Police Officers Arrested for Extortion Scheme

Two Mbare female police officers were arrested on allegations of running an extortion scheme targeting motorists at the station’s entrance.

Arrest and Court Appearance

[Image Credit: H-Metro]
Victoria Shonhiwa and Naume Dube appeared before regional magistrate Stanford Mambanje yesterday. They were not required to enter a plea at the time.

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Investigation and Surveillance

Following a tip-off from the public, the Police General Headquarters Internal Investigations team visited ZRP Mbare on March 11. They observed that officers stationed at the main gate were collecting money from motorists under dubious circumstances.

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Surveillance and Apprehension

The investigating team positioned themselves at various points near the main gate and witnessed several vehicle owners paying money to Shonhiwa and Dube before being allowed to proceed. Acting swiftly, the team confronted the two officers and directed them to the guard room for a search.

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Resistance and Recovery

Shonhiwa and Dube refused to be searched, with Dube becoming violent. The investigating officers managed to subdue her, leading to the recovery of US$120 from her possession.

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Acquittal in Fraud Case

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In a separate incident, Gillian Nyengere, a regional sales manager at GetBucks Microfinance Bank Limited, has been acquitted of fraud charges. Nyengere was one of four individuals accused of creating fictitious accounts to defraud the financial institution of nearly US$4 million.

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Failed Prosecution and Acquittal

The State failed to substantiate its case against Nyengere, resulting in her acquittal by a Harare regional magistrate. The acquittal took place in November last year after a full trial. The other three individuals involved in the case were Mozisi Machesu, Tafadzwa Sandi, and Kuzivakwashe Mudzingwa, who held positions related to the bank system called BR.Net.