Prophet Makandiwa & Sekuru Mlauzi Are One And The Same: Passion Java Drops Bombshell[Image Credit: Instagram/Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa & Supplied]

Prophet Makandiwa & Sekuru Mlauzi Are One And The Same: Passion Java Drops Bombshell

In a shocking revelation, Prophet Passion Java has made bold accusations against fellow prophet, Prophet Makandiwa and Sangoma Sekuru Mlauzi, calling them out as fake and fame-hungry frauds. In a video that has gone viral, Prophet Java responds vividly to Sekuru Mlauzi’s claims of giving him dark powers that made him wealthy, comparing him to Prophet Makandiwa.

[Image Credit: Instagram/Passion & Supplied]

Prophet Passion Java’s Response to Sekuru Mlauzi’s Claims

Prophet Passion Java dismisses Sekuru Mlauzi’s claims as an attempt to seek attention on social media. He states that Mlauzi is using his old audios from 2019 to create skits and gain popularity. In fact, Prophet Java admits that he actually enjoys Mlauzi’s skits as they make him trend on TikTok. He goes on to show the videos where Sekuru Mlauzi is using his voice, indicating that he is not afraid of any sangomas. 

Sekuru Mlauzi’s Allegations

Sekuru Mlauzi, a popular traditional healer, had alleged that Java and his brother visited him in 2011 to obtain dark powers that would make them wealthy. Mlauzi claimed that Java chose the “Money Ritual,” which required the sacrifice of human blood.

Java’s Return and Request for Additional Powers

In 2012, Java returned to Sekuru Mlauzi to testify that he was making money but had not yet achieved true wealth. Java expressed his desire to sponsor local musicians and become famous without arousing suspicion about the source of his wealth. He asked Sekuru Mlauzi to provide him with powers to forecast pupil’s names and histories, known as “Gora.” However, Sekuru refused to grant him the power of prophecy.

Controversy Around Java’s Wealth

Passion Java’s wealth and his methods have sparked controversy among many Zimbabweans. Some criticize his methods, while others defend him, saying he is using his God-given talent to become successful. Sekuru Mlauzi’s revelations have added fuel to the controversy, with some calling for an investigation into Passion Java’s wealth.