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Trump’s Truth Social Is A Good Example Of Why You Should Not Date Women Over 25: Shadaya Drops Bombshell

In a surprising tweet, popular tweleb Shadaya expressed his views on dating women over 25, citing Trump’s Truth Social as a cautionary example. Shadaya, known for his critic views of feminists, took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the matter. According to Shadaya, the Truth Social experiment serves as a real-life analogy for dating women over 25. He argues that just like people who migrated from Twitter to Truth Social due to their dissatisfaction with Twitter’s policies, individuals may initially be attracted to women over 25 but eventually find them “boring” and return to what they are familiar with – younger women.

The Familiarity Factor and Emotional Attachments

Shadaya’s tweet states that people prefer familiarity, especially in relationships. Women over 25 often have prior relationships, which makes it hard to invest in new ones. Shadaya advises avoiding women not fully checked out of previous relationships. Women can have emotional attachments to ex-partners, making it hard for new partners. This emotional baggage leads to constant comparison and difficulty measuring up.

Competing Against Memories and Emotional Attachments

According to Shadaya, dating a woman who has an emotional attachment to another man can be a losing battle. He asserts that no matter how well you treat her, she will always compare you to her ex. Tweleb Shadaya points out that you will never be enough to her. Shadaya warns that if the ex were to reappear in her life, she would either cheat on you or leave you without hesitation. He believes that women are loyal to their feelings rather than logic, and no matter how much better you may be compared to her ex, you will always be considered a zero in her eyes.

“A woman would rather give her best lover (ex), 2nd,3rd, 100 chances than deal with the unknown (you). Doesn’t matter how you treat her, woman are loyal to their feelings not logic. You could be 10 times better than this ex of hers, but you’ll always be a 0 in her eyes. Just another Truth Social,” twitted Shadaya.