Prophet Evidence Chari Epic Clash with Prophetess Hadassah Caroline Over Car Crash Scandal[Image Credit: Facebook]

WATCH: Prophet Evidence Chari Epic Clash with Prophetess Hadassah Caroline Over Car Crash Scandal

Prophet Evidence Chari, of Grace Family International Church experienced a humiliating clash with a prophetess Hadassah Caroline who accused him of duping her and wrecking her vehicle in a road accident in South Africa.

Confrontation During “Record Breaking Friday” Service

Prophetess Hadassah Caroline

During a church service on Friday, Prophetess Caroline, the founder of the women’s prayer group Munamato weMudzimai, hired bouncers and boldly approached Chari, demanding the return of her vehicle. The incident took place in front of Chari’s bewildered congregation.

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Demand for Vehicle Leads to Public Accusations

Prophet Evidence Chari and Prophet Makandiwa

With her voice reverberating through the church, Prophetess Hadassah shouted at Prophet Chari, “Prophet, what I want is my car only. Why did you block me? Is that your character? You are not ashamed to stand in front of this congregation to preach when you are a crook? Ityai Mwari prophet, musavemunyengeri,” she exclaimed, pointing accusingly at a stunned and embarrassed Chari.

Bouncers Intervene as Tensions Flare

Prophetess Hadassah Caroline

Prophet Chari’s bouncers attempted to restrain Prophetess Hadassah, but chaos erupted as tensions escalated, and other church members joined the altercation.

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Apologies and Attempt at Reconciliation

In an effort to diffuse the situation, Prophet Chari publicly apologized to Prophetess Hadassah for disappearing with her vehicle. Eventually, he was escorted away by his bouncers, pleading with the driver to allow Prophetess Hadassah and her parents into the vehicle for a private meeting aimed at reconciliation.

Resolution in the Works & Silence from Prophet Chari

Prophet Evidence Chari

Sources indicate that the two parties have agreed to settle their differences in Mvuma, where Hadassah’s parents reside. The meeting is scheduled to take place today.

When approached for comment on the humiliating incident involving Prophetess Hadassah, Prophet Chari declined to speak to H-Metro, opting to remain silent on the matter.