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18-Year-Old Daughter Takes Father to Court Seeks Protection Order

An 18-year-old daughter named Zvikomborero Mukumbi has taken his father, Cuthbert Mukumbi to court, seeking a protection order due to alleged abuse.

Disturbing Allegations of Verbal Insults and Physical Assault

Zvikomborero claims that her father verbally insults and physically assaults her without reason.

“He is my father, but he always assaults me for no reason. He chases me from home, and always enters my room without my consent,” testified Zvikomborero.

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Claims of Discipline for Neglected Chores

In his defense, Mukumbi stated that he only reprimands his daughter for going out in the evening and neglecting household chores.

The father expressed frustration, saying, “She is naughty and does not even regard me as her father. She goes out in the evening and leaves dishes unwashed in the house.”

Magistrate Tamari Chibindi dismissed Zvikomborero’s application and advised the father and daughter to work on repairing their strained relationship.

Parents Clash Over Teenagers’ Affair

In a separate incident, two sets of parents found themselves embroiled in a legal dispute over allegations of breach of peace and harassment arising from an affair between their teenage children.

Alleging Workplace Harassment and Insults by Co-Parent

Violet Makanje, one of the parents, filed for a peace order, claiming that Vitalis Ngana, the other parent, has been harassing her by visiting her workplace and insulting her.

Makanje voiced her concerns, stating, “I am now living in fear because this man comes to my workplace to insult me. He harasses me, saying I failed to give my daughter proper guidance. He says that I’m in support of my daughter’s affair with his son. As we speak, my child is pregnant by his son.”

Denial and Accusations

Ngana, on the other hand, denied the allegations and asserted that he approached Makanje peacefully to discuss the relationship between their children. He expressed his belief that Makanje’s daughter willingly engaged in sexual activity with his son.

“My son is still at school. Her daughter follows my son from school to have sexual intercourse with him,” Ngana claimed.

Magistrate Tamari Chibindi dismissed the case, urging both parties to find a resolution outside of the courtroom.