Harare Woman Files Peace Order Against Boyfriend's Wife[Image Credit: Dochub]

Harare Woman Files Peace Order Against Boyfriend’s Wife

Mavis Munenge, has taken her boyfriend’s wife, Lynette Machona, to court, applying for a peace order against her. She is alleging that the wife issued her death threats and harassed her at her workplace.

Accusations of Threats and Workplace Intimidation

According to Mavis, Lynette visited her workplace on December 2 and made menacing threats, asserting that she was willing to go to jail after causing harm. Mavis responded by informing Lynette that her husband, Kelvin, had informed her that they were divorced.

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However, on subsequent occasions, Lynette allegedly returned with a friend on December 9 to insult and threaten Mavis once again. She even claimed that she would consult a traditional healer in Gokwe if Mavis continued dating her husband. Lynette reportedly returned on December 13, boasting about her visit to Gokwe.

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Denial of Death Threats and Pleas by Husband’s Wife

Lynette vehemently denied issuing death threats to Mavis but admitted warning her to stay away from her husband. Lynette clarified that she is, in fact, Kelvin’s wife, not his ex-wife, and pleaded for Mavis to leave her husband alone and cease the harassment.

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Court Grants Peace Order and Issues Warning

Magistrate Tamari Chibindi granted Mavis the requested peace order, providing legal protection against Lynette’s threats and harassment.

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The court explicitly warned Lynette to refrain from approaching Mavis’s workplace, emphasizing the importance of maintaining peace and ensuring the safety of both parties involved.