Priest and Apostle Nhapata Arrested for Sneaking Into Mortuary to Resurrect a Dead Man[Image Credit: Facebook]

Priest and Apostle Nhapata Arrested for Sneaking Into Mortuary to Resurrect a Dead Man

Trinity International Fellowship Ministry leader Priest Nyamungara and Apostle Ruramai Nhapata have been arrested for allegedly caught sneaking into a funeral parlour’s mortuary to resurrect a dead man. The dramatic arrest was conducted by the police officers who were on the scene.

The Arrest and Protest

Apostle Nhapata and Priset Nyamungara

Upon the arrival of the police, Apostle Nhapata and Priest Nyamungara had resisted an arrest. They even threatened to walk around in public naked as a form of protest. Subsequently, they were taken to Kuwadzana Police Station, followed by Nyaradzo Funeral Parlour, where the incident occurred. Eventually, they were transferred to Southerton Police Station, where they were detained.

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Tampering with a Dead Man

Apostle Nhapata

Apostle Nhapata is facing charges of tampering with a dead body in the mortuary. She was claiming to possess power to resurrect the deceased Gift Takudzwa Shiriyapenga. According to reports, she instructed a church member to place a cellphone on Shiriyapenga’s ear. She then undressed herself and started massaging the body. Nhapata was doing all her mystical things proclaiming that Gift would be resurrected.

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Faith or Deception?

When questioned by reporters, Nhapata asserted that she was prepared to face the consequences of her actions, asserting that she was exercising her faith. She even claimed to have successfully resurrected ten individuals who were pronounced dead in the past. It is important to note that the deceased, Shiriyapenga, had no familial relation to Apostle Nhapata nor was he a member of her Trinity International Fellowship Ministry.

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Awaiting Legal Proceedings

Apostle Nhapata is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow to face charges related to her alleged attempt to resurrect the deceased.


Given H-Metro‘s recent article highlighting the need to curb fake church leaders, the involvement of Trinity International Fellowship Ministry leaders in this incident has garnered widespread support from netizens. This incident has sparked a crucial debate about the delicate balance between faith, personal beliefs, and legal boundaries.