Madzimai Getrude Arrested For Kidnapping a One-Month-Old Baby[Image Credit: Manicapost]

Baby Heist in Sakubva: Madzimai Getrude Arrested For Kidnapping a One-Month-Old Baby

Madzimai Getrude from Sakubva has been arrested for kidnapping Tania Mutangabende’s a one-month-old baby at her shrine.

One-month-old baby Found in Dangamvura

Maidzimai Getrude with Detectives

Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Nobert Muzondo, confirmed that the one-month-old baby was found at Madzimai Getrude’s, friend’s house in Dangamvura.

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The Disappearance and Investigation

The baby went missing on October 6 when the mother, Tania, visited Madzimai’s shrine near Mutare Teachers’ College. Madzimai Getrude, real name, Rumbidzai Nyamurowa offered to help heal the child. She then asked Tania to gather herbs, leaving her alone with the baby. However, when Tania returned, Nyamurowa had vanished with the infant.

A Desperate Act

Upon Nyamurowa’s arrest, she admitted stealing the baby, stating that she wanted to convince her South Africa-based husband that she had given birth to their child. Getrude further cited that she stole the child in fear of being divorced due to her inability to conceive.

Reunited with Joy

After days of anguish and uncertainty, the police contacted Tania and successfully identified the recovered infant. Overwhelmed with emotion, she expressed her gratitude for the safe return of her child.

Previous Kidnapping Attempts

Tania revealed that Nyamurowa had made four previous attempts to abduct the child. On one occasion, Getrude even asked the Tania and her husband to go away and shave their pubic hair while she remained alone with the child.

The Deceptive Rituals

Nyamurowa lured Tania  to the shrine, where she performed rituals involving lemon juice, salt, and calls for specific items. She repeatedly attempted to separate Tania from her child, but the mother resisted.

Relief and Caution

Tania and Gogo Tambudzai Mutangabende

When the child returned, Tania surrounded by family and friends  expressed her vowing to never trust anyone with her child again. However her neighbors are calling for a severe punishment for Madzimai, as they are fearing that if she is released, she may continue with her criminal activities.

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In conclusion, Tania’s case highlights a disturbing trend of increasing kidnappings involving minors. This is not an isolated incident, as we have witnessed similar cases in recent times. Just recently, H-Metro reported a shocking incident where two minors were kidnapped and abandoned at Marimba.