Did Ginimbi's Sister, Juliet Kadungure, Knew About Her Death?[Image Credit: Facebook]

Did Ginimbi’s Sister, Juliet Kadungure, Knew About Her Death?

Did Ginimbi’s sister, Juliet Kadungure, knew about her death? Juliet, sister to the late socialite Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure, lost her life to an accident. The incident occurred while she was traveling from Tanzania to Harare, and tragically passed away at the scene.

Ginimbi’s Sister’s Final Words Captured on Video

Juliet Kadungure

A video has surfaced, capturing a chilling moment before Juliet’s untimely demise. In the footage, she can be heard requesting a well-wisher to contact her husband, known as Baba D, to convey her final words. With a somber voice, she utters, “Hello Baba D, ndakufa panapa. Bhazi raita accident”.

Uncanny Timing and Unanswered Questions

Genius Kadungure

The timing of Juliet’s tragic death holds an eerie coincidence, falling on what would have been Ginimbi’s 39th birthday. This has sparked numerous unanswered questions surrounding the Kadungure family. When Genius died to a road accident in Borrowdale road, a lot speculation around his death were raised.

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Most of them suggested that Genius had acquired juju to enhance his wealth. And he might have been given a time frame he would enjoy his riches, meaning that he knew when he was gonna die. Now, with Juliet’s passing in a similar manner through a road accident, further inquiries have emerged.

The Talk of the Town

Juliet’s desperate request to speak with her husband immediately after the accident, alerting him that she was about to die, has become the primary topic of discussion among the netizens. The circumstances surrounding her final moments have left many intrigued and searching for answers.

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While rumors and speculations persist, it is essential to await official investigations and reports to shed light on the tragedy incident. Netizens are captivated by the mysterious circumstances surrounding the Kadungure family, and are hoping for answers that will bring closure to them.


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