Mutoko Security Guard Loses Service Pistol to Tempting Thigh Vendor[Image Credit: Shutterstock]

Lust Turns Larceny: Mutoko Security Guard Loses Service Pistol to Tempting Thigh Vendor

A Mutoko security guard found himself in hot water after failing to pay a thigh vendor for her services, resulting in the loss of his service pistol.

Evidence Mangonono (27), who was stationed as a security guard near a bank, hired a thigh vendor known only as Choice and engaged in sexual activity with her on the premises.

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A Costly Encounter

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According to reports, the sex worker exploited Mangonono’s unpaid bill and fled with his service pistol. The incident surfaced during court proceedings at Mutoko Magistrates Court. Magistrate Chiedza Gatsi sentenced Mangonono to a year in prison for violating the Firearms Act.

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However, Gatsi suspended the sentence and mandated the guard to complete 325 hours of community service. The community service will take place at Hurungwe Primary School in Murewa.

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The Sequence of Events

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The State’s case revealed that on January 7, Mangonono and his colleagues consumed sex-enhancing herbs before engaging the sex worker. They clandestinely rendezvoused behind the bank he was tasked to protect.

Regrettably, Mangonono failed to fulfill his financial commitment for the services provided, prompting the sex worker to seize his service pistol as collateral.

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A Troubling Discovery

The next day, Mangonono’s employer discovered the missing service firearm and immediately reported it to the police. Recognizing the seriousness of the matter, Mangonono personally took responsibility and resolved the situation by finding the sex worker and compensating her to retrieve the weapon.

Mangonon’o case serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the potential risks and consequences of participating in illicit activities.