Mutendi of ZCC Narrowly Cheats Death in Shocking Beatrice Farm Robbery[Image Credit: Facebook]

Mutendi of ZCC Narrowly Cheated Death in Shocking Beatrice Farm Robbery

ZCC leader Bishop Nehemiah Mutendi’s brother,  Herbert Mutendi , narrowly cheated death when robbers shot him on his Beatrice Farm. The robbers fled with goods worth US$4K.

Harare Man Swindled in Failed Vehicle Purchase

In a separate incident, a Harare resident fell victim to a fraudulent car deal, resulting in a significant financial loss. Owen Simbarashe Matemai, a 30-year-old accused of orchestrating the scheme, appeared before Harare Magistrate Dennis Mangosi to face charges. Matemai currently remains in custody, awaiting his bail ruling.

False Hope of Vehicle Acquisition

Matemai allegedly approached the complainant in Harare, expressing interest in purchasing two Toyota Vitz and two Toyota Aqua vehicles from Japan. Based on a previous successful transaction in 2020, the complainant sought Matemai’s assistance once again. Matemai claimed he could import the four vehicles for a total of US$12,398.

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Payment and Vanishing Vehicles

Believing Matemai’s assurances, the complainant handed over the agreed amount, expecting the vehicles to arrive after November 20. However, last month, Matemai informed the complainant that the vehicles awaited collection in Tanzania but demanded an additional $3,000. Promising delivery within two weeks, Matemai accepted the payment.

Broken Promises and Police Intervention

When the two-week deadline passed, the complainant sought an update on the delivery, but Matemai evaded their inquiries and ultimately blocked all communication. Recognizing the scam, the complainant promptly reported the incident to the police, leading to Matemai’s arrest.

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Legal Consequences and Victim’s Quest for Justice

Matemai now faces the legal repercussions of his alleged fraudulent actions. His appearance before Harare Magistrate Dennis Mangosi initiates the legal proceedings. Meanwhile, the complainant hopes for justice and seeks restitution for the substantial loss of over $15,000 incurred in the failed car deal.


As the legal proceedings unfold, both victims anxiously anticipate a just resolution and the accountability of those responsible for these crimes. These incidents serve as a somber reminder of the escalating wave of robberies, as evidenced by a recent report from Zimmorningpost.