Vana-Madzibaba Arrested for Forced Marriage of 16-Year-Old Girl in Chitungwiza[Image Credit: H-Metro]

Vana-Madzibaba Arrested for Forced Marriage of 16-Year-Old Girl in Chitungwiza

Vana-Madzibaba, members of an Apostolic sect have been arrested for allegedly participating in a forced marriage of a 16-year-old girl in Chitungwiza, Unit B.

A Disturbing Case Unveiled

The incident came to light when concerned citizens reported the forced marriage to the authorities, leading to the arrest of Vana-Madzibaba. The teenage girl, whose identity remains protected, was reportedly married off against her will.

TikTok Sensation’s Legal Battle Unveiled

In a separate story, Valda Munyaka, popularly known as Small House yaMhofu on TikTok, has taken her ex-boyfriend to court. She is accusing him of domestic violence and issuing chilling threats, including a claim that she had only two days to live.

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Court Proceedings Unfold

Harare Magistrates’ Courts witnessed the appearance of Gashirai Bernard Mwashita, the accused ex-boyfriend, who faced charges of intimidation. The court remanded him out of custody until February 13.

According to allegations, Mwashita contacted Munyaka, seeking information about her whereabouts, but she declined to disclose them. In response, Mwashita resorted to sending profanity-laden WhatsApp messages, subjecting her to verbal abuse.

Terrifying Threats Emerge

Munyaka further accused Mwashita of making alarming phone calls, menacingly informing her that her life would be extinguished within a mere two days. This incident has raised concerns about the prevalence of domestic violence and the urgent need for legal recourse and protection for victims.

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The disturbing case of Small House yaMhofu, marred by domestic violence and chilling threats, is not an isolated incident. Similar reports, such as the one highlighted by iHarare, indicate a disconcerting surge in cases of domestic violence.