Mutare Family Left Homeless as Older Siblings Sell Family Home Behind Their Backs

Forgery and Fraud: Older Siblings accused of selling family home behind other siblings’ backs


A Mutare family is still waiting for justice after they were kicked out of their late father’s Chikanga house, which was allegedly sold by their older siblings, Artwell and Sandra. The younger siblings, Shylene Muchafuruka (18), Emmanuel Muchafuruka (24), and his wife and children, were left homeless and had to stay in the open for four months before well-wishers stepped in with rentals for a room in Chikanga.

Forged signatures and a missing house

The Manica Post reports that the younger siblings are accusing Artwell and Sandra of forging their signatures and selling the family house behind their backs. The family has sought the services of the Legal Resources Foundation, and the court process was initiated. However, they are still waiting to be heard before the Mutare High Court.

“Our biggest wish is for us to get a court date so that we air out our pleas. We are yet to appear before the High Court, but as a family, we still have hope that justice will prevail once the Judge hears our story,” said Emmanuel.

Mutare Family Left Homeless as Older Siblings Sell Family Home Behind Their Backs
[Image Credit: Manica Post]

Destroyed property and a hard life

Emmanuel said that the family’s household property got destroyed during their stay in the open due to the rains that were pounding the area almost daily. The furniture still lies outside their late father’s home, and all that remains are the sorry remnants of what used to be high-quality sofas, wardrobes, beds, and television sets.

“This whole predicament has also affected our mental well-being, and I would like to thank you for always reaching out to us. As we speak, we do not know where we will get the rentals for next month,” he said.

Legal consequences

Meanwhile, the estate’s executioner, Jeremiah Matenhese, and a commissioner of oaths who allegedly commissioned the forged papers that were submitted at the High Court as the house was being sold, Kingstone Pukutayi Munjari, have since been arraigned before the Mutare Magistrates’ Court facing fraud charges over the matter.

The late Mr. Muchafuruka died in 2006 and is survived by six children.