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Step-father fined for killing step-son in ritualistic pursuit of wealth

Misheck Muchiwa, a man from Gokwe South, was recently ordered to pay a herd of 17 cattle as compensation for allegedly killing his step-son six years ago in a bid to enrich himself through rituals. According to reports, Proud, the victim, had a pregnant wife at the time of his death, who is now living with her parents.

Child’s manifestation leads to revelation of crime

H-Metro reports that the case came to light last month after Misheck’s younger brother’s five-year-old child manifested, exposing the heinous act that Misheck had committed.

The child reportedly pointed at Muchiwa upon arrival at his house and said, “he killed Proud for money rituals with his second wife (Proud’s mother).” Misheck admitted to the accusations and paid the demanded 11 cattle as compensation.

Admission confirmed by family members

Misheck’s younger brother, Pardon, confirmed that the family held a meeting after the child manifested and said, “It is true that my brother killed Proud for money.” Misheck’s son, Misheck Junior, also confirmed his father’s admission and the payment of the compensation.

Neighbours left devastated by the incident

One of the neighbours expressed shock at the news, saying, “The whole village was left devastated by this incident since we never imagined that he would do such evil things.”

Misheck visited Proud’s biological father and paid six cows as compensation so that he could exhume his son’s remains.

Police involvement unclear

It is unclear whether the case was reported to the police and why Misheck is still a free man. One of his neighbours said, “We saw police after Muchiwa paid the compensation, we never got a glimpse of them and we don’t know what they said.”

A witch doctor was reportedly invited to cleanse the homestead after the revelation.

Efforts to get a comment from Misheck were unsuccessful.

In the pursuit of wealth, Misheck Muchiwa committed a heinous act that has cost him dearly. With the recent revelation of his crime, justice has been served, but it remains unclear whether the police will take further action.