Murehwa Man Accused of Molesting Teen Shows Inappropriate Behavior at Wife's Funeral[Image Credit: H-Metro]

Murehwa Man Accused of Molesting Teen Shows Inappropriate Behavior at Wife’s Funeral

A Murehwa man, Tatenda Zhanje, who is believed to have molested and impregnated a teenage girl, showed inappropriate behavior at his wife’s funeral. The incident took place during the burial ceremony of Yeukai Dandara in Murehwa.

Mixed Emotions

[Image Credit: H-Metro]
Despite the solemnity of the occasion, Zhanje was seen smiling and laughing with his friends, despite breaking into tears during the viewing of his wife’s body. This contradictory behavior raised eyebrows and created a tense atmosphere at the funeral.

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Exclusion from Gravesite

Due to cultural beliefs, Tatenda was not allowed near Yeukai’s gravesite, situated about a kilometer away from her family’s homestead. According to Shona customs, a man who wishes to remarry after the death of his wife should not be present at her burial.

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Tension and Allegations

Amid the funeral proceedings, tensions ran high as it was revealed that Zhanje’s family did not contribute to the funeral and burial expenses. Furthermore, it was reported that Tatenda had kept Yeukai’s pregnancy a secret from the Dandara family until after her tragic demise.

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Police Involvement

Tatenda, accompanied by some of his relatives, had initially gone into hiding. However, he eventually turned himself in to the police at Highlands Police Station on Tuesday evening. While questioned by the police, he was granted permission to attend the burial. He was also instructed to return for further questioning on Monday.

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Awaiting Investigation

The police have already begun their investigation into Tatenda’s alleged actions. The circumstances surrounding Yeukai’s death and the involvement of Zhanje raise serious concerns regarding potential criminal charges and the welfare of the newborn twins.