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Chipinge Man Brutally Butchered by Neighbor for Interfering in Marriage

A Chipinge man aged 19, Peter Sithole, was discovered lifeless after allegedly being butchered by a neighbor for interfering in his marital affairs.

A Gruesome Discovery & Vanishing Culprit

Peter Sithole’s lifeless body was found lying face-down on a footpath, drenched in blood, with trails of blood leading away from the scene.

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The suspected assailant, Advance Kwako, fled the scene immediately after committing the heinous crime, leaving behind a trail of horror.

Confirmation of Tragedy & Marital Conflicts

Acting Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Wiseman Chinyoka, confirmed the incident that unfolded at Glendalough Farm in Chipinge.

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Kwako had been entangled in a series of marital disputes with his wife, Mukudzei Makwarise (28), resulting in her seeking refuge at her parents’ home.

Seeking Refuge & A Fatal Encounter

Mukudzei found sanctuary at the homestead of Village Head Isaac Sithole, accompanied by her father, Zvihari Makwarise, and her three children.

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Peter, driven by concern for the situation, left his own homestead and headed to Village Head Sithole’s home to join the group seeking refuge.

A Mysterious Departure & Shocking Discovery

However, Peter inexplicably left the homestead without notice, venturing towards an unknown destination.

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Later in the day, Peter encountered a 13-year-old juvenile on her way to a nearby tuck-shop in Njanji Village.

A Bloody Encounter & Grisly Scene

After a brief conversation with the juvenile, wherein Peter inquired about Kwako’s whereabouts, tragedy struck.

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Approximately 30 minutes later, the juvenile returned from the tuck-shop only to stumble upon Peter’s lifeless body lying in a pool of blood.

Alarming the Neighbors & A Probable Motive

The young girl, overwhelmed with fear, urgently sought assistance from nearby residents who swiftly arrived at the scene and immediately notified the authorities. Assistant Inspector Chinyoka disclosed that community members had overheard Kwako lamenting Peter’s meddling in his domestic affairs, strongly indicating his culpability in the brutal killing.