Money, Lies, and Deceit: Popular Zimdancehall Producer Loses US$2100 In Scam[Image Credit: Facebook/Sunshine Family Studios Zimbabwe]

Money, Lies, and Deceit: Popular Zimdancehall Producer Loses US$2100 In Scam


Popular Zimdancehall producer Shelton “Sunshine” Masiwa was allegedly scammed out of $2100 by two suspected fraudsters in a botched money exchange deal. The suspects, Munyaradzi Dera (33) and Brighton Chinyemba (43), have been arrested and charged with fraud.

Exchange Gone Wrong

The incident took place on April 3 in Belvedere West, Harare, when Masiwa wanted US dollars and contacted Dera, whom he knew. According to state papers, Dera instructed Masiwa to deposit $3,410,000 into a First Capital Bank account in exchange for the US$2100, which they had agreed on.

The Herald reports that Masiwa transferred the money and provided Dera with proof of the transfer, but Dera started evading communication when Masiwa tried to follow up on the money. When Dera was eventually caught, he implicated Chinyemba as the source of the bank account number where the money was transferred.

Arrest and Trial

The two suspects have been charged with fraud and are currently in police custody awaiting trial. According to the police spokesperson, the case serves as a warning to the public to be vigilant when conducting any money exchange deals with people they do not know.

Masiwa has not yet commented on the incident or whether he will be pursuing legal action against the two suspects.


Money, Lies, and Deceit: Popular Zimdancehall Producer Loses US$2100 In Scam
[Image Credit: Facebook/Sunshine Family Studios Zimbabwe]

Impact on the Music Industry

Masiwa is a prominent figure in the Zimdancehall music industry, and this incident has sparked concerns about the impact that fraud and scams could have on the industry as a whole. With the rise of digital platforms and the increasing use of online transactions, artists and producers must be extra cautious when conducting financial transactions.

The music industry is known for being highly competitive and cutthroat, with many artists and producers vying for recognition and financial success. As such, it is essential that those within the industry are able to conduct business safely and without fear of fraud or scams.

The incident involving Masiwa has highlighted the need for greater awareness and education within the industry about safe financial practices and the risks of conducting business with unknown individuals.

In addition to the impact on the music industry, incidents such as these also have a wider impact on society as a whole. Fraud and scams not only harm individuals financially but can also erode trust in institutions and create a sense of unease and distrust within communities.

Final Thoughts

The case of Shelton Masiwa serves as a reminder of the importance of exercising caution and being vigilant when conducting financial transactions, particularly when dealing with individuals you are not familiar with.

The music industry, like any other industry, must be able to conduct business safely and securely to ensure that artists and producers can continue to thrive and create the music that we all love.

The case of Masiwa has sparked important discussions about the risks associated with conducting business in the digital age and serves as a warning to us all to be cautious and vigilant when transacting with unknown individuals.