Teenage Maid Puts Poison In Employer's Drink After Being Denied "Off"[Image Credit: Junk Mail]

A maid and a gardener who worked at Mutunhu Farm in Headlands, Zimbabwe, allegedly conspired and stole $17,090 from their employer and vanished from their workplace in January 2023.

The Heist: Maid and Gardener Scheme to Steal

The Manica Post reports that according to prosecutor Mr Marlon Makamba, Meeting Phiri, the gardener, and Martha Kasasa, the maid, worked together to steal the cash from John Winskill, their employer. While Winskill was away visiting the fields, he left the money in a plastic bag under the seat of his car.

Phiri and Kasasa seized the opportunity and stole the money. They wrapped it in a java cloth and fled to Harare, where they shared the loot. Phiri took $10,500, while Kasasa took the remainder.

The Discovery: Employer Returns to Find Cash Missing

Winskill returned from the fields to find that the accused persons were gone. After failing to locate them, he became suspicious and went to check his car. He discovered that the money had been stolen and reported the incident to the police.

Phiri was later arrested, but Kasasa is still on the run. Ms Annie Ndiraya, a Rusape magistrate, sentenced Phiri to six years in jail. She allowed 18 months of the sentence to be suspended on the condition of good behaviour. Additionally, Phiri was ordered to return the money he stole from Winskill.

Diabolical Duo: Maid and Gardener Team Up And  Steal US$17 000 From Employer
[Image Credit: Junk Mail]

The Consequences: Severe Penalties for Theft

This case highlights the consequences of theft in Zimbabwe, where the law can be severe. If convicted, a person can face up to ten years in jail or even more if the crime involves a large sum of money.

Theft is a serious offence that can have long-lasting repercussions for both the victim and the perpetrator. It is important to remember that stealing from an employer is a crime that can result in severe penalties.

The Takeaway: The Importance of Security Measures

This case is a reminder of the importance of security measures in preventing theft. Employers must take precautions to protect their valuables and cash from dishonest employees. These precautions include locking valuables away in a secure location, using a safe or lockbox, or installing security cameras.