Miss V Candy's Bold Warning to Olinda Chapel: Stunner Is Not Your Mate[Image Credit: Facebook]

Miss V Candy’s Bold Warning to Olinda Chapel: Stunner Is Not Your Mate

Zimbabwean media personality, Miss V Candy, has made headlines with her bold response to the recent performance by Stunner for Olinda Chapel on her 40th birthday. Miss V Candy, known for her contributions to the broadcasting industry, has added to the ongoing saga.

A Controversial Response

Miss V Candy, never one to shy away from controversy, issued a statement following the alleged reunion. She introduced the idea of “Selective amnesia,” a secondary illness that accompanies heartbreak, causing one to forget past heartbreaks. She warned against returning to an ex, emphasizing that they are not friends.

“The person who broke your heart, they are not your mate. They are not your friend. Please, never again,” stated Miss V Candy.

Curiosity and Criticism

The birthday incident has piqued the curiosity of social media users, who now question how Olinda’s current husband, Tytan Nkomo, feels about this unexpected development. Olinda Chapel’s son, Sean, took to social media to express his frustrations, directing criticism towards Tytan Nkomo and Stunner.

A Warning to Keep Distance

Sean sternly warned both men to stay away from his mother, expressing his displeasure with their behavior. He criticized Tytan, calling him manipulative and a psychopath, while addressing Stunner’s lifestyle choices and his alleged interest in Sean’s ex-girlfriend.

Tytan’s Unwavering Support

Amidst the whirlwind of criticism and public backlash, Tytan Nkomo stood by Olinda Chapel. He took to Facebook, sharing a heartfelt message and a picture of himself and Olinda. Tytan expressed admiration for Olinda’s capacity for forgiveness and the valuable lessons he has learned from her.

Choosing Love and Peace

Tytan emphasized the importance of fostering friendships and choosing love over animosity. He highlighted their commitment to prioritize peace in their marriage, rejecting the desire for enemies.