WATCH: Zanu PF Number One Supporter: Micheal Magz Breaks Silence on the Surprising Motive Behind Money Toss at ZimFest UK Festival[Image Credit: iHarare]

WATCH: Zanu PF Number One Supporter, Micheal Magz Breaks Silence on the Surprising Motive Behind Money Toss at ZimFest UK Festival

Zanu PF supporter, Micheal Magz, spills secrets on shocking money tossing at ZimFest UK Festival. In a revealing interview with Misred, Magz confesses acting on pure instinct, unable to explain his motive even now.

The Mysterious Money Toss

During the interview, Magz confesses that he remains baffled by his impromptu money toss. He claims that even his colleague, Holy Ten, is equally clueless about their reactions. Astonishingly, Magz reveals that he was unaware at the time that the money originated from Olinda Chapel.

“Zvimwe zvinhu zvacho zvinotoitika out of instict to be honest with you. Ndopaye patinozoti takanzwa izwi. I don’t even know why i yhrew the money. Holy Ten doesn’t even know why he reacted like that. I didn’t even know the money came from Olinda, to be honest with you,” stated Micheal Magz

Confessions and Clout Chasers

Magz sheds light on their customary practice of throwing money to fans in Zimbabwe. He emphasized that it is often driven by fans seeking attention and photo opportunities. According to Magz, these individuals willingly shower the performers with money for showoff purposes. However, he clarifies that the money should be handed to their management, not on stage.

Passionate Support for President Mnangagwa

Recently, Holy Ten and Michael Magz expressed their unwavering support for President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the Zanu-PF party as the upcoming elections approach.

Wearing a Zimbabwean flag jersey, Holy Ten urges unity in supporting President Mnangagwa’s re-election. He praises the President’s impressive infrastructure development at Beitbridge border post and Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport as inspiring achievements.

Positive Changes and Youth Empowerment

Holy Ten emphasizes Zanu-PF’s dedication to combating youth drug abuse, reported 263Culture. He praises the allocation of funds to the mitigation fund, emphasizing its positive impact on the younger generation’s future.

Support and Gratitude to President Mnangagwa

Expressing their support, Holy Ten declares, “We are supporting you, we are with you, the President for the people,” while Michael Magz proudly sports a jacket displaying the words ‘ZANU PF Huchi.’ The video concludes with an energetic chant of “huchi” from Magz, reinforcing their endorsement of President Mnangagwa.