Million-Dollar Deception: Zuva Petroleum Accountant Loses $11 Million in Foreign Currency Fraud[Image Credit: iStock]

Million-Dollar Deception: Zuva Petroleum Accountant Loses $11 Million in Foreign Currency Fraud

In a shocking turn of events, a Harare man falls victim to a foreign currency scam, resulting in a loss of $11 million. The fraud unfolded when the victim, an assistant accountant at Zuva Petroleum, received WhatsApp messages from Edward Muranganwa, expressing interest in exchanging local currency for US dollars.

Fallacious Transfers and Disappearing Act

Trusting the supposed deal, the victim transferred a staggering amount of $11,679,350 to various accounts as requested. However, the situation took a sinister turn when Muranganwa allegedly sent fabricated Western Union transfer messages to the victim and vanished without a trace.

Discovering the Deception

The man’s world crumbled when he attempted to withdraw the money, only to discover that the transfer messages were fraudulent. Shocked and devastated, he realized he had fallen prey to a cunning scam.

Despite efforts to recover the funds, nothing was retrieved, reported hmetro.. As a result, Muranganwa was released on bail until September 11, pending further investigations.

Challenging Loan Sharks: Woman’s Failed Bid for Protection

In a different case, Miidzo Mangwayana sought protection in Harare Civil Court but her application was dismissed. Miidzo accused Gladys Dumba and Timinina of harassment and arrest threats. The dispute arose from a $360 loan with skyrocketing interest, totaling $1,700.

Legal Conundrum and Accusations

Miidzo pleaded with the court to grant her time to repay the loan, but Magistrate Sharon Mashavira responded that the court could not protect her from repaying money to loan sharks involved in an illegal deal.

Gladys and Timinina defended themselves, claiming that Miidzo had provided excuses and failed to repay the money as agreed. The strained relationships between the parties further escalated the dispute.


The Zuva accountant devastating 11-million loss in the foreign currency scam serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of fraudulent schemes.