Crime At The Alter: Methodist Church in Greendale Plundered[Image Credit: Adequate Travel]

Crime At The Alter: Methodist Church in Greendale Plundered

In a shocking incident, the Methodist Church in Greendale fell victim to a brazen theft, resulting in the loss of over US$5,000. The thieves managed to break into an office where a cash box had been securely locked.

The Unfortunate Heist

Lovemore Gara, the caretaker, had diligently locked up the premises at 7 pm, believing everything was secure, reported hmetro. However, the following morning, he received a distressing call from Olivia Mandivheyi, the church secretary, informing him of the break-in.

Apart from the stolen cash, the thieves also made off with three laptops, leaving the church in dismay.

Valuables Gone Missing

The cash box contained a substantial amount, totaling US$5,379, along with £5 and R140. This unfortunate incident has left the Methodist Church in Greendale reeling from the financial loss.

Ongoing Investigations

Harare provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Luckmore Chakanza, confirmed the break-in, assuring the public that investigations are underway.

Insp Chakanza revealed, “Police are currently investigating the case of unlawful entry and theft, where a local church lost cash and property worth US$6,679.”

In addition to the church theft, other incidents of robbery have recently plagued Harare.

Robbery at MWORS Sports Betting and Capital Foods

MWORS Sports Betting, located in Machipisa, Highfield, fell victim to a theft where valuable TVs worth US$1,200 were stolen on Friday night. The incident has left the establishment counting its losses.

Similarly, Capital Foods experienced a break-in that resulted in the theft of US$2,000 from a safe.

Teacher’s Harrowing Robbery

In another incident, a teacher from Herentals College endured a terrifying robbery as she arrived at the gate of her Emerald Hill residence. The 24-year-old Kudzai Pfumo Mavhika was confronted by an unknown individual armed with stones.

The robber demanded her valuables, and in fear for her safety, she surrendered her handbag, which contained an Itel cellphone P56s, Itel cellphone S15, US$400, office keys, and her national ID card.

Inspector Luckmore Chakanza confirmed the case and urged anyone with information to come forward to aid in the arrest of the suspect.

These recent incidents of theft and robbery have left Harare residents concerned for their safety and security.