Masvingo CID Assistant Inspector Arrested for Demanding US$500 from Businessman[Image Credit: Wiki]

Masvingo CID Assistant Inspector Arrested for Demanding US$500 from Businessman

An Assistant Inspector from the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) in Masvingo has been arrested for allegedly soliciting a sum of US$500 from a businessman in Mberengwa.

The Solicitation Scheme

Detective Pedias Chinenere, aged 48, reportedly approached the complainant, Azael Hwingwiri, at Bherera Mine in Mberengwa. Claiming that the Commissioner General of Police, Godwin Matanga, was visiting the province, Chinenere asserted that they were collecting donations to facilitate the visit.

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The Exchange of Funds

Trusting Chinenere’s representation, Hwingwiri handed over US$500 to the detective. However, the situation took a more dubious turn when, on March 24, Hwingwiri received a call from Memory Phiri, who urged him to provide an additional US$200 as part of the same donation.

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The Trap Is Set

Sensing something amiss, Hwingwiri informed a mine director, known only as Moyo, about the situation. Moyo suggested meeting at CBZ Masvingo, where the money would be handed over. They contacted Chinenere, who claimed to have already departed Masvingo for Gweru.

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The Sting Operation

Frustrated by the suspicious circumstances, Hwingwiri and Moyo promptly reported the incident to CID Midlands Headquarters. In collaboration with the authorities, a plan was devised to apprehend Chinenere. Operating in an unregistered white Nissan AD van, Chinenere fell into the trap, accepting marked money at the Midlands Hotel.

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The Arrest

As the operation unfolded, the marked money was discovered in Chinenere’s trousers, leading to his immediate arrest. The detective now faces charges of criminal abuse of duty and is anticipated to appear in court in the near future.