Chitungwiza Armed Robber Gets 20-Year Sentence for US$5 Heist[Image Credit: Ebay]

Chitungwiza Armed Robber Gets 20-Year Sentence for US$5 Heist

Blessing Moyo, an armed robber from Chitungwiza responsible for a US$5 heist from a motorist and causing a car accident, has been sentenced to 20 years in prison. Harare Magistrate Letwin Rwodzi delivered the verdict yesterday.

The Armed Robbery Incident

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Moyo faced two counts of armed robbery when he appeared before the court. The prosecution, led by Mrs. Cecilia Mashingaidze, presented evidence against him. The court initially sentenced Moyo to 20 years in prison, with six years suspended conditionally. As a result, Moyo will serve an effective 14-year jail term.

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The Robbery and Car Accident

According to the prosecution’s account, Moyo and an unidentified accomplice approached Mr. King Kamungeremu, who had offered them a lift from Chitungwiza to Harare City Centre. The incident unfolded near St. Mary’s Clinic.

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At Manyame River bridge, Moyo’s accomplice, seated in the front, brandished a pistol and directed it at Mr. Kamungeremu, demanding his valuables, including the vehicle. In compliance, Mr. Kamungeremu surrendered his wallet, containing just US$5.

Moyo then instructed Mr. Kamungeremu to turn left onto a nearby dirt road and drive towards the Kabrit Zimbabwe National Army main camp. However, in a desperate bid for survival, Mr. Kamungeremu veered into oncoming traffic and collided with another vehicle before reaching the army base.

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The Capture and Recovery

Following the accident, Mr. Kamungeremu halted the car and quickly exited, seeking assistance. Seizing the opportunity, Moyo’s unidentified accomplice fled the scene, leaving Moyo trapped inside the vehicle. Several eyewitnesses who observed the incident came to Mr. Kamungeremu’s aid, apprehending Moyo and taking him to the nearest police station.