AirPods Expose Criminal Duo: Tanzanian-born Thieves Arrested at Eastlea Lodge Hideout[Image Credit: Mixmag]

AirPods Expose Criminal Duo: Tanzanian-born Thieves Arrested at Eastlea Lodge Hideout

Two Tanzanian-born thieves have been arrested at an Eastlea lodge for theft after their location was traced through a pair of stolen AirPods.

The Tracking and Arrest

Following a series of car break-ins, the police managed to track down the two perpetrators, Malaji Arabi Saidi and Shimdavala Mohamedi Shomari, to the lodge where they were staying. The breakthrough came when a pair of AirPods, stolen from one of their victims, provided a valuable clue leading to their location. Saidi and Shomari were promptly arrested, putting an end to their criminal activities.

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Recovery of Stolen Property

During the arrests, the police seized a significant amount of stolen items from the duo. The recovered loot included four laptops, five laptop chargers, three wristwatches, WiFi dongles, AirPods, an iPad, and three gate remotes. These items were allegedly used by the criminals to disable car central locking systems, facilitating their thefts.

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Chronology of Incidents

On March 14, Tapiwa December Chingozho parked his car on George Silundika Avenue and went about his business. Shortly after, his iPhone 15 notified him that his iPad was stolen from the car and disconnected. Surprisingly, he didn’t report it to the police right away.

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On March 23, Chingozho found himself victimized once again when he discovered that his AirPods had been stolen from his car while he was at Avondale Shopping Centre. This prompted him to report the incident to the police.

The Final Breakthrough

On March 24, Chingozho found himself in Eastlea once more, and to his astonishment, his AirPods began connecting to his phone. Realizing the significance of this development, he promptly informed the police, leading to the subsequent arrest of the suspects.