Epworth Sangoma Sekuru Nyashanu Arrested for Deceiving and Impregnating Married Woman[Image Credit: iHarare]

Epworth Sangoma Sekuru Nyashanu Arrested for Deceiving and Impregnating Married Woman

Sekuru Nyashanu, a 60-year-old sangoma from Epworth has been arrested after allegedly deceiving and impregnating a married woman, Faith Macha.

The incident unfolded following a series of false prophecies and manipulative tactics employed by Sekuru, whose real name is Darlington Mabudu.

The Deception

According to reports, Sekuru Nyashanu lured Macha by claiming to possess spiritual powers that could provide insight into her life’s challenges. Macha, seeking guidance, consulted sangoma with the support of her mother. However, an alleged demand for a payment of US$150 for “cleansing” proved to be an insurmountable obstacle for Faith.

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Exploiting Macha’s Vulnerability

Unable to fulfill the demanded payment, the sangoma eventually offered to perform the cleansing ceremonies free of charge. Subsequently, Mabudu convinced Faith and her mother that they needed to accompany him to Shamva for further spiritual assistance, during which the situation took an alarming turn.

A Web of Manipulation

Faith divulged that Mabudu instructed her to divorce her husband, claiming that he was responsible for her misfortunes. Additionally, she alleged that Mabudu coerced her into surrendering her child to him. As their journey progressed, Faith found herself sharing a bed with Mabudu, leading to a questionable living arrangement.

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The Ordeal Unveiled

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Faith’s mother, alarmed by the situation, tirelessly searched for her daughter until she discovered her whereabouts. Determined to rescue Faith from the clutches of Mabudu, her mother forcibly brought her back home. It was then that the full extent of the alleged deception and manipulation came to light.

Accountability and Consequences

Faith firmly attributes her pregnancy to Mabudu, declaring that she fell victim to his trap and false visions. She claims that Mabudu not only compelled her to sever ties with her husband but also engaged in a sexual relationship with her.

“Sekuru Nyashanu is responsible for my pregnancy,” stated Faith. “I fell for Sekuru Nyashanu’s trap and believed his false visions. He forced me to divorce my husband, and impregnated me.”