Chikanga Man Created Chaos Over Wife's Affair with Brother-In-Law[Image Credit: Manicapost]

Chikanga Man Created Chaos Over Wife’s Affair with Brother-In-Law

A Chikanga man, Fungai Maudzi caused a scene over his wife’s affair with brother-in-law, killing two kittens while naked.

Accusations and Allegations

Maudzi, who is married to Mr. Mwashusha’s sister, leveled serious allegations against his brother-in-law. He claimed that he was not only sleeping with his wife but also practicing witchcraft.

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A Disturbing Act

Chikanga man braaing a kitten

Eyewitnesses reported that Maudzi, completely naked, went on a destructive spree, demanding to confront Mr. Mwashusha. As the chaos unfolded, he took the lives of two kittens, intending to consume one of them in a shocking act of brutality.

Police Intervention

The authorities were swiftly alerted to the situation and promptly arrived at the scene. Maudzi was apprehended and taken to the Chikanga Police Station for questioning and further investigation.

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Traumatized Witnesses

Mrs. Regina Mwashusha, who was present during the incident, expressed her distress over the gruesome deaths of the kittens. She revealed that Maudzi accused the felines of being her son’s supernatural entities, used to harm him and facilitate the alleged affair.

Unsettling Background

Mr. Mwashusha shedded more light on the drama leading up to the chaotic episode. He explained that Maudzi’s visit to their house was prompted by a dispute between him and his wife. The situation quickly escalated, resulting in Maudzi’s erratic behavior and subsequent rampage.

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A Plea for Help

Mr. Mwashusha expressed concern for Maudzi’s well-being, suggesting that he may be suffering from spiritual torment. He emphasized the need for Maudzi to seek professional assistance to overcome his troubles. He believes that Maudzi was a kind-hearted individual when not under the influence of such distress.

Unreachable and Unanswered

Efforts to reach Maudzi for comment proved unsuccessful, as his phone remained switched off, leaving many questions unanswered.


The incident in Chikanga shocked the community and sparked concerns about Fungai’s mental well-being and his relationship with his in-laws. Similar cases are on the rise, as reported by H-Metro, where a man tragically killed his step-daughter during a rampage.