Life Imprisonment for Honde Valley Man For Murdering Wife[Image Credit: iStock]

Life Imprisonment for Honde Valley Man For Murdering Wife

37-year-old man from Honde Valley was sentenced to life imprisonment after his murdering wife for taking his phone without his permission. Jim Kwaramba attacked his wife Miriam Joni with a machete on the 28th of October last year.

Conviction and Sentencing

Kwaramba was found guilty of murder with actual intent under Section 47 (1) (a) or (b) of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act, Chapter 9.23. The verdict and life imprisonment sentence were handed down by Mutare High Court judge, Justice Isaac Muzenda.

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Details of the Horrific Crime

It is alleged that, Kwaramba murdered his wife by repeatedly hacking her with a machete. The vicious blows targeted her right shoulder, mouth, chest, and the lower back part of her head. Unfortunately, the injuries inflicted proved fatal.

Eyewitness Testimonies Unfold

During the trial, witnesses provided chilling accounts of the events leading up to and following the murder. Ms. Rita Bwina, a neighbor, recalled hearing a scream from Kwaramba’s homestead at approximately 2 am on the fateful day. Concerned, she approached the property but received no response when calling out to Kwaramba.

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Ms. Bwina then sought help from Kwaramba’s mother, Ms. Kandala Maluwiza, informing her about the scream. Together, they entered Kwaramba’s homestead and discovered the horrifying scene. Joni’s lifeless, naked body lay in a pool of blood, with evident wounds on her shoulder and mouth. The room was disarrayed, with packed bags, water buckets, and plates scattered across the floor.

Marital Dispute and Tragic Outcome

Ms. Maluwiza revealed that she had previously counseled the couple regarding a marital dispute. The disagreement centered around Joni allegedly claiming that Kwaramba’s motorcycle would not start without her consent. Despite attempts to reconcile, tensions escalated, leading Joni to pack her belongings and express a desire to return to her parents’ home.

In the early hours of the tragic day, Kwaramba left their children with his mother and informed her that he was leaving. Subsequently, the devastating discovery of Joni’s lifeless body was made by the neighbor.


The rise of husbands resorting to murder after arguments with their wives is alarming. A recent case reported by H-Metro mirrors the Honde Valley incident. In Mt Hampden, a man tragically killed his wife and child, revealing the devastating consequences of extreme domestic disputes