NDINONAKIRWA NEMBUDZI: 43-Year-Old Herdboy Confesses Bestiality with Goats

A 43-year-old herdboy  from Togotsvebo Village, confessed to engaging in bestiality with goats. This horrifying act led to the death of one of the goats.

Guilty Plea and Sentencing

Njabulo Moyo, appearing before Plumtree magistrate Joshua Nembaware, pleaded guilty to the charge of bestiality as defined in Section 74 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act. Despite the gravity of his crime, Moyo received a relatively lenient sentence of a $200 fine or one month in prison.

Appalling Revelations


During the proceedings, the herdboy made an appalling admission, stating that he engaged in sexual acts with goats because they satisfied his sexual urges. Expressing remorse, he apologized for his actions.

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Magistrate’s Disgust

Magistrate Nembaware, however, expressed profound dismay at Moyo’s actions, describing them as “grotesque cruelty”. He condemned Moyo’s behavior as the “highest form of animal cruelty” he had ever witnessed.

The Prosecution’s Case

According to the prosecution led by Arnold Mudekunye, the incident occurred on October 1 at approximately 3 am. Michael Ncube, the owner of the goats, was awakened by the bleating of his goats and the continuous barking of his dogs. Upon investigation, Ncube discovered Moyo in the act of having sex with one of his female goats.

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Threats and Apprehension

When the herdboy was confronted by Ncube, he threatened him of physical violence. Ncube, fearing for his safety, went back to his bedroom, leaving Moyo to continue his heinous acts. Later that morning, Ncube discovered that two of his female goats had been sexually abused, and one of them had tragically died as a result.

Justice Served

Neighbors, alerted by Ncube, followed a trail of footprints from the goat pen, ultimately leading them to Moyo’s location. They apprehended him and handed him over to the police.


This case is a reminder of the harm caused to animals when humans engage in sexual acts, explored in Joanna Bourke’s book on the distressing consequences for these innocent creatures.