Umwinsdale's Elderly Pensioners Victimized in Brazen Robbery[Image Credit: iStock]

Umwinsdale’s Elderly Pensioners Victimized in Brazen Robbery

Elderly pensioners from Umwinsdale, Ugo Volonta (80) and his wife, Sylvia Volonta, fell victims to a robbery. The elderly couple was subjected to a terrifying ordeal late last Friday. They lost their pension money, personal belongings and were subjected to physical assault.

Ambushed on Their Property

During the night, Sylvia Volonta went out calm their barking, standing on their verandah. Sadly she was suddenly approached by two individuals armed with machetes. Without warning, Sylvia was viciously struck on her forehead and shoulder, inflicting severe injuries and prompting her to cry out for help.

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A Desperate Attempt to Protect

Ugo, hearing his wife’s distress, rushed outside, only to be confronted by the shocking sight of her bleeding profusely with the two assailants by her side. In a valiant effort to defend themselves, Ugo engaged in a physical struggle with the robbers. However, his brave resistance proved futile as he was overwhelmed by their superior strength.

A Terrifying Ordeal

The robbers then forced the couple into their own bedroom. With their hands and legs bound using rope and shoe laces, Ugo and Sylvia lay helpless. The assailants proceeded to cover their faces and ransacked the room, stealing four pellet guns along with various personal items.

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Demanding Money

In a desperate attempt to protect themselves, Ugo informed the robbers that they were pensioners with no significant cash on hand. Despite this, the criminals insisted on obtaining money and valuables. Ultimately, the couple surrendered US$1,000 from Ugo’s bag and an additional US$150 from Sylvia’s handbag.

Devastating Losses

The robbers callously continued their spree, scouring the house and taking a Red me Note 7, Red me Samsung cellphone, Huawei cellphone, driver’s license, Italian identity card, national identity card, wedding ring, and various items of jewelry.

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Seeking Justice

Inspector L. Chakanza

Harare provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Luckmore Chakanza, confirmed the incident and urged anyone with information to come forward to aid in the apprehension of the ruthless perpetrators.

In conclusion, Instances of families falling victim to robberies and losing their valuables are increasing at an alarming rate. The Herald recently reported another such incident in Harare, where a family was robbed of a staggering US$100,000.