Jah Prayzah Becomes Butt Of Jokes On Social Media Following Embarassing Moment At ED Inauguration[Image Credit: Facebook]

Jah Prayzah Becomes Butt Of Jokes On Social Media Following Embarassing Moment At ED Inauguration

During the highly anticipated inauguration ceremony of President ED Mnangagwa, Jah Prayzah faced an unexpected interruption to his performance, leading to a frenzy of reactions on social media.

A Sudden Halt to Jah Prayzah’s Performance

As the ceremony unfolded, the master of ceremonies took the stage and abruptly halted Jah Prayzah’s performance. “Hello hello Jah Prayzah, Jah Prayzah, Jah Prayzah, hello let’s stop chimira mira Jah Prayzah, we ask chimira.” stated the MC.

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This incident is not an isolated occurrence, as it echoes a similar incident involving the late Soul Jah Love during a Zanu PF youth interface rally at Sakubva Stadium. The then Zanu PF youth leader, Innocent Hamandishe, openly reprimanded Soul Jah Love in front of thousands of party supporters, publicly criticizing his behavior.

Netizens React

Netizens wasted no time in taking to social media to express their opinions and poke fun at Jah Prayzah, with some accusing him of being a Zanu PF supporter. Luke Kambarami shared a mocking comment, “Kkkkkk adzingwa Zanu ahina respect kani kkkkkkkk.”

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Adding to the chatter, some netizens recalled a recent incident during the UK Festival Show where Jah Prayzah complained about his limited performance time. South African artist Makhadzi also joined the conversation, accusing the event’s promoter of exploiting their popularity while depriving them of adequate stage time.