Tapiwa Makore's Father Faces Devastating Defeat in Rural Murewa Council Election[Image Credit: TechMagTv]

Tapiwa Makore’s Father Faces Devastating Defeat in Rural Murewa Council Election

Tapiwa Makore’s father has faced a heart-wrenching tragedy after a devastating defeat in a bid for council seat in Murewa rural. From the devastating loss of his son to a gruesome murder to his unsuccessful bid, Makore’s journey has been riddled with despair.

A Father’s Grief and Pursuit of Justice

Makore endured immense trauma as his own family members were implicated in the murder of his innocent son. While the courts handed down death sentences to the perpetrators, including his brother and a herdboy, the verdict offered little solace for the irreplaceable loss he suffered.

Seeking Redemption in Politics

In an attempt to find solace and healing through politics, Makore ventured into the realm of local governance, running as an opposition candidate for Ward 3 of the Murewa Rural District Council. However, his aspirations were shattered when he faced defeat at the hands of Zanu PF, leaving him bitter and disillusioned.

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Makore blamed FAZ for voter intimidation and favoring Zanu PF. He criticized polling station monitoring, compromising electoral integrity. Despite his efforts, Makore received significantly fewer votes than the victorious Zanu PF candidate.

“FAZ (Forever Associates of Zimbabwe) intimidated voters, they contributed to me losing in the polls. What do you expect when people are voting while being monitored at a polling station? The votes I got are only from those who were brave,” stated Makore.

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A Glimmer of Hope and Uncertain Future

In the politically-hostile Nyamutumbu, Makore supports the opposition and relies on their challenge to reverse the election outcome. He eagerly awaits the result, ready to contest anew if given the chance, reported Newsday.

“We will see what will happen, we are waiting for all these processes to clear. I will contest again (if the elections are nullified),” stated Makore.


The High Court’s ruling brought little closure, and the 2023 election outcome reopens the wounds of his son’s death. Despite finding solace in politics, Makore’s electoral dreams were shattered, leaving him to confront anguish and political failure.