Inyathi Man Demands US$4K Compensation from Neighbor for 40-Year Illicit Affair with Wife[Image Credit: B-Metro]

Inyathi Man Demands US$4K Compensation from Neighbor for 40-Year Illicit Affair with Wife

An old man from Inyathi, Johnson Tshuma, is demanding compensation of US$4K from his neighbor for allegedly engaging in an illicit affair with his wife for more than 40 years.

Tshuma (66) believes that Danny Donga (68) is the biological father of their five children.

Accusations, WhatsApp Confrontation &

Cultural Clash

According to Tshuma, his suspicions arose last year when he discovered his wife’s infidelity while she was in South Africa. He confronted her via a WhatsApp message, demanding that Donga pay lobola for their children. Tshuma also claims that Donga frequently visited their home in his absence and even took the children out without his knowledge.

Tshuma was further incensed when Donga requested his presence at their son’s coming-of-age ceremony, a role traditionally reserved for biological fathers.

Wife’s Response

Sithandazile, Tshuma’s wife, expressed her devastation upon receiving her husband’s accusations. She admitted that the affair allegations arose during her South Africa trip and that Tshuma claimed even their first born, aged 43, was fathered by Donga.

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Living in Fear and Seeking Justice

Tshuma revealed that he lives in constant fear, even avoiding sleeping at home due to concerns about potential attacks from Donga. He reported the matter to Chief Mtshane Khumalo’s traditional court, seeking resolution. Nevertheless, he remains steadfast in his love for his wife, attributing the marriage problems solely to Donga’s interference.

Denials, Reputation Damage, and Demands

Donga vehemently denied performing the coming-of-age ceremony and dismissed all accusations of fathering Tshuma’s children. He expressed distress over the community’s gossip and demanded US$4,000 from Tshuma as compensation for the damage caused to his reputation. Donga’s wife, Sithokozile, suggested a DNA test as the only means of resolving this issue.

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DNA Test and Compensation

Donga, despite denying the allegations, agreed to a DNA test to settle the matter conclusively. He expects Tshuma to cover the test’s expenses as compensation for the distress caused by the ordeal. Meanwhile, Tshuma maintains his love for his wife and refuses to yield to Donga’s demands for compensation, alleging extor