I Slept With Over 1000 Women For Ritual Purposes: Zimbabwe's Prophet Jay Israel Makes Shocking Confession[Image: Instagram/@jay_israel_official]

Zimbabwe’s Prophet Jay Israel’s Disturbing Confession: 1000+ Women Sacrificed!

A Shocking Revelation Unleashed by Prophet Jay Israel

Controversial man of cloth, Prophet Jay Israel, has sent shockwaves through social media with his astonishing confession about engaging in rituals involving over 1,000 women. During an exclusive interview on the show “Uncensored With Rumbie,” the once-revered religious leader made startling admissions that have left the public in disbelief.

 “Mostly that is why I ended up deciding to say I’m not going to get married, but I’m just going to eat, sleep with whoever that I want to sleep with.

“That is what I said the other day when it comes to body count. I might have slept with maybe more than 1 000 women. I’ve lost count,” confessed Prophet Jay Israel during the interview.

A Mind-Boggling Number and Supposed Spiritual Marriages

In addition to revealing the extent of his actions, Prophet Jay Israel claimed to have been married to a marine spirit, explaining why he opted not to pursue earthly marriages. The presence of jealousy within this spiritual relationship purportedly prevented the Prophet from engaging in human marriages.

 “I almost got married. I introduced someone to the church and then I realized let me pull out again. You see I was not supposed to meet. I was not supposed to get married because I was already married in the spirit. A mermaid is a very jealous kind of being,” shared the controversial religious figure.


I Slept With Over 1000 Women For Ritual Purposes: Zimbabwe's Prophet Jay Israel Makes Shocking Confession
[Image Credit: Instagram/@jay_israel_official]

Rituals, White Towels, and Unborn Sacrifices

Prophet Jay Israel’s shocking confessions did not start here. Last year, he went viral for disclosing the details of the rituals he performed after his encounters with women.

The use of white towels after intimacy with women and subsequent sacrifices to a mermaid in rivers and seas formed a significant part of his alleged practices.

“Mostly all the women I have slept with… there is only one normal routine that I have always done with all of them, I always kept a white towel, and after the intercourse, I always use the towel to wipe their private parts, and then I always keep the towel.

“I have done this to most of them, and it was part of the ritual. After some time I gather my towels and then take them to the river or the sea where I throw them as a sacrifice giving back to the mermaid.

“I think I would have a couple of miscarriages with a couple of women, and I would love to believe that those unborn babies were also sacrifices,” Prophet Jay Israel disturbingly shared.

Prophet Jay Israel’s revelations have ignited a firestorm of controversy, leaving many questioning the authenticity of his spiritual leadership. With public outrage growing, it remains to be seen how the authorities and his followers will respond to these shocking claims.