Hwange Elderly Man Perilous Journey of Riches Takes a Devastating Turn[Image Credit: Adope Stock]

Hwange Elderly Man Perilous Journey of Riches Takes a Devastating Turn

Jekete Ncube, an elderly man from Hwange, embarked on a perilous journey to attain riches. Entrusted with a mystical python skin by a powerful sangoma, Ncube’s pursuit of prosperity took a devastating twist, resulting in the unthinkable loss of his beloved children and relatives.

A Desperate Pursuit of Wealth

Driven by the allure of prosperity, Ncube purchased muthi, which he believed possessed magical powers to grant him instant riches. Little did he know that this decision would have devastating consequences.

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The Grim Reality

Contrary to his expectations, the muthi brought about a series of deaths in Ncube’s family, leaving him in a state of despair. Despite his unwavering faith in the promises of the sangoma who provided the muthi, Ncube’s financial situation remained unchanged.

A Frustrated Demand for Answers

Frustration mounting, Ncube confronted the sangoma, seeking an explanation for the lack of results. The sangoma, seemingly unaffected by Ncube’s anger, attributed the failure to the requirement of patience and unwavering belief.

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Seeking Cleansing and Confession

Archbishop Emmanuel Mutumwa praying for Ncube

With the family reeling from the tragic deaths, they sought the assistance of Archbishop Emmanuel Mutumwa for a cleansing ceremony. During the ceremony, Ncube made a chilling confession, revealing that he had consulted a sangoma years ago in a desperate attempt to improve his life and accumulate wealth.

Remorse, Warning and a Cautionary Tale

Ncube expressed deep remorse, stating that he never anticipated the harm that the muthi would inflict upon his children. Archbishop Mutumwa, confirming the incident, emphasized the dangers of succumbing to get-rich-quick schemes. He urged individuals to pray, work hard, and exercise patience as there are no shortcuts to success.


The heart-wrenching tragedy that unfolded in Hwange stands as a poignant reminder of the grave consequences that accompany the relentless pursuit of overnight riches. It serves as a stark educational lesson, emphasizing the dangers that lie in seeking the assistance of counterfeit sangoma’s, as highlighted in a recent report by H-Metro.