Bulawayo Ex-Drug Dealer Battle for Survival Amidst Vengeful Locals[Image Credit: NBC News]

Bulawayo El Chapo Ex-Drug Dealer Battle for Survival Amidst Vengeful Locals

35-year-old Bulawayo El Chapo, an ex-drug dealer finds himself in a constant state of fear as vengeful locals threaten him for his past involvement in drug dealing. Vusumuzi Nkomo reveals the harrowing ordeal he faces, with numerous attempts on his life.

Haunted by a Dark Past

Nkomo candidly admits to his previous life as a drug dealer. He acknowledged the success of his illicit operation that involved a network of individuals selling drugs on his behalf. However, the consequences of his actions have caught up with him, leaving him in a precarious situation.

Resentment and Animosity

As Nkomo’s drug business thrived, his residence became a hub for drug-related activities, attracting the attention and ire of the community. Over time, resentment and animosity grew, leading to a deep-seated anger towards him.

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Living on Borrowed Time

Despite Nkomo’s transformation and embrace of Christianity, the community remains unforgiving. Fueled by their anger and hatred, residents have made repeated attempts on his life, yet he has managed to survive each encounter.

“I felt like society no longer wanted me,” emotionally shares Nkomo, reflecting on the magnitude of his predicament.

Desperate Pleas for Help

Disturbingly, Nkomo claims that the local police have been unresponsive to his pleas for assistance. When attempting to report the ongoing threats and attacks, he alleges that the authorities took no action.

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A Cry for Protection

As the sole provider for his sick mother and three young children, Nkomo is pleading for intervention to ensure their safety and well-being. His ultimate wish is to be spared from the relentless pursuit of the mob, yearning for a life of peace and security.


The chilling story of Vusumuzi Nkomo serves as a stark reminder of the lingering consequences of a dark past. It highlights the need for communities to address issues through lawful means and for authorities to prioritize the safety of individuals who have reformed their ways.