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23-Year-Old Son’s Unforgivable Act with Mother Sends Shockwaves

Tendai Kasaira, 23-year-old man made an unforgivable act, allegedly touching his mother’s private parts while under the influence of alcohol.

Dzivarasekwa, 23-year-old man named Tendai Kasaira faced a brutal assault after allegedly touching his mother’s private parts while under the influence of alcohol.

A Bizarre Act Leads to Drastic Measures

Reports indicate that Tendai, in a drunken state fueled by illicit drugs, engaged in the disturbing behavior towards his 55-year-old mother, Shelter Chimhepo. Outraged by her son’s actions, Shelter made a decision that would have severe consequences for Tendai.

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Shelter explained that she enlisted the help of two individuals, Chigangaidze, and his colleague, to administer a harsh punishment to her son. As a result, Tendai found himself with his hands bound by wire to a Musau tree. He endured  severe beatings at the hands of the hired men. The assault left him with swollen hands and bruises on his body.

A Troubled Relationship

Shelter expressed her frustration with her son’s behavior, describing him as a constant source of trouble, particularly in the absence of his father.

“Tendai has become a nuisance to me,” stated Shelter. “He has been stealing some money I realise from vending so as to buy illicit beers. I ended up lodging a police report against him, he was arrested and imprisoned.”

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Legal Consequences and Living Arrangements

Shelter resorted to reporting her son’s actions to the police, leading to his arrest and subsequent imprisonment. During his incarceration, Shelter rented out one of their two rooms, leaving Tendai without a place to stay upon his release. It remains unclear where he had been residing in the days leading up to the incident.

Punishment and Unknown Circumstances

On the day of the assault, tensions escalated, resulting in Tendai assaulting his mother. In response, Shelter sought the intervention of the two men who administered the severe punishment. The exact circumstances surrounding Tendai’s recent activities and living arrangements remain a mystery, reported hmetro.